Book Birthday Sale

Imposter is a year old this week and it's on sale for 50% off! Hurry and grab your copy before the sale ends :) 

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The next blockbuster thriller for those who loved The Girl on the Train, Jezebel and The Butterfly Garden... 
In idyllic Brunswick, Maine, tragedy strikes, leaving one family struggling to stay together.
Seven-year-old Sophie Anderson vanished from a neighbors' front lawn in 2006 leaving the Anderson family reeling. 
Helen, a mother who never gave up hope.
Sam, a father who couldn’t cope. 
Cora, the even-keeled sister, and Shane, the angry half-brother​ fought to maintain their family after losing Sophie.

Just when the Anderson’s thought they had moved past Sophie’s disappearance,
​​Cora finds Sophie shivering behind a dumpster in Portland, Maine 10 years later.
As Sophie integrates back into her family a series of dark revelations rear their ugly heads.

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